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You were thoughtful when you chose the pattern and the fabrics for your quilt. You want to be just as careful in choosing the design, batting type, and the thread to enhance your top, finish it, and really bring your quilt to life. I’m a collaborative quilter and love working with clients to bring their quilt to life. 

About Donna

I consider a major part of my job to be consulting with you, offering different quilting options, and helping you to decide how to finish your quilt. Consider how much quilting you want for your quilt. How will your quilt be used? Do you want it to lay flat or be fluffy, lightweight or warm? It’s not only the batting type that determines the loft. Remember, more space between the quilting lines allows the quilt to have more loft. More dense quilting will make a flatter piece. If you want the quilting to be subtle, choose a matching thread color or value. If you prefer the quilting to be more evident, then choose a contrasting thread color or value. I stock over 120 different threads and 4 different types of batting. It’s my pleasure to offer different options and help you with your decisions.

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