Quilt Prep Tips

Preparation Tips For Quilting:

  • Batting and backing should be 8 inches wider and longer than the top.
  • Choose good quality 100% woven cotton material for your quilt backing– no bedsheets! It makes a huge difference in the overall look and durability of your finished quilt.
  • Please press top and backing well, and press all seams open on your backing.
  • Mark the upper edges of both your quilt top and your backing to make it clear which end is up. (A safety pin and a note will do.)
  • Trim edges and clip all loose threads. You don’t want them to show through your quilt, and they are much more difficult to clip after I have machine quilted your quilt.
  • Square up your quilt top and backing. If the quilt top starts out square, it will be a nice square quilt. If it isn’t squared before quilting, I can’t guarantee that it will be square after being quilted.
  • The quilt top, batting, and backing each needs to be individually loaded on the longarm machine. Please don’t baste them together. Just fold each piece separately when preparing them for delivery.
  • I carry cotton, wool, poly and cotton/poly battings. 
  • Please prepare your batting ahead of time. It needs to be ready to use when I receive it- squared up, washed, dried, fluffed, whatever is necessary for that type of batting. It also needs to be at least 8 inches wider and longer than your quilt top.

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